Practice Areas

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut

Consumer & Commercial Litigation

Creditors’ Rights Litigation

We provide creditors with legal protection, representation, and recourse for recovering financial losses from delinquent and distressed consumer and commercial accounts receivable.

Judgment Enforcement

Our firm has the proven skill, deep experience and clear understanding necessary to efficiently and effectively navigate the legal systems of NY, NJ, and CT while achieving results.  We have experience in piercing the corporate veil and fraudulent conveyance actions.

Commercial Litigation

Our team handles a range of commercial matters including construction law, property damage, civil litigation, goods sold and delivered, unpaid services, and more. Let’s talk to determine if our practice fits your needs.

Cohen & Cohen Law serves clients and their consumers with professionalism, diligence, and empathy as we pursue financial recovery and remediation on their behalf.

Clients & Industries

Among the firm’s roster of clients are national collection agencies, large creditors, real estate management companies, publishing companies, banks, credit unions, concrete suppliers, construction equipment rental companies, utilities and a variety of small and regional businesses.

Where We Practice

Cohen & Cohen Law provides litigation coverage in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  In conjunction with our network of attorneys, we can handle clients’ collection and litigation needs throughout the United States.

Asset Classes

Our firm works with a variety of asset classes in consumer and commercial receivables portfolios, including: Auto Loans; Commercial; Credit Card; Consumer Loans; Fintech; Judgments; Student Loans; and Equipment Leasing.

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A Technology Forward Approach

At Cohen and Cohen, we are focused on using cutting-edge technological solutions, constantly pushing boundaries to innovate our processes and improve our services. Our commitment to staying ahead in the digital landscape allows us to provide both clients and consumers with unparalleled efficiency and convenience in today’s fast-paced world.

We value the trust of our many long-time clients and partners.

Let’s have a brief phone consultation to discuss how we might assist with your legal needs.